Fishing Fundamentals

These guides have been prepared as a tool for instructing a 4 week course titled Fishing Fundamentals.  The content of this course is suitable for after school fishing clubs, continuing education classes and other small group classes.  The material covered is intended to instruct novice anglers in the basics of Nebraska fish species, fishing equipment and fishing techniques.  This material can be taught to all ages, but youth are encouraged to attend classes with an adult mentor.  The course is designed to consist of three classroom sessions that culminate in a fishing field trip.

Lesson Guides provide general information that should be included in the lessons as well as suggestions for how to lead discussions.  There are Powerpoint presentations for Lessons 2 & 3 that provide visual aids and several supplemental activities are included that can go along with the lessons if time allows.


An introduction to angling:  history, rods & reels, regulations & ethics, basic casting


Common Nebraska fish: anatomy, identification, and habitat

Lesson 2 powerpoint

Gyotaku Activity

Protective Color Activity


Fishing equipment and techniques:  your tackle box, fishing lures and how to use them, knot tying and basic rigging

Lesson 3 powerpoint

Lure Making Activity

These Guides are intended to be just that – guides.  You are encouraged to instruct your classes using your own knowledge base.  Teach to your strengths!

Equipment and classroom materials that supplement these lessons are available through the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission Youth Fishing Program.  

Please contact if you have any questions about these guides and to request supplies.